Safeguarding Information and Reputations

When information falls into the wrong hands it’s more than just a data risk, it’s your customers’ reputations that are at stake. As the leading global security distributor, we know security will always be a key technology since it encompasses and protects all of the industry. The TD SYNNEX Security Practice provides you with the portfolio, tools and support you need to safeguard your clients’ information and reputations. Through our expansive global network, decades of channel experience, and an innovative physical and digital distribution model, our Security team tailors solutions to help you capture more revenue.

You can expand sales efforts by utilizing our vendor-specific security training, state-of-the-art lead generation and management tools, as well as extensive market analyses. Throughout TD SYNNEX, we are dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for every person touched by the solutions, services and counsel we provide.


Technology shifts are creating opportunities:
● Mobility
● Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)/Cloud
● Advanced threats
● “Software-Defined” Everything
● Internet of Things
● HTTP is the new Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)


As a value-added distributor we have the resources you need to make your business stronger and more profitable.
● Tools and programs
● Education opportunities
● Business planning
● Business growth initiatives
● Proof of concept
● Technical enablement
● Marketing Services
● EDGE Sales Enablement
● Global credit and financing
● World-class technology

Deep Expertise

Our deep expertise with security solutions is an asset for your business success.
● Perimeter security: firewall/UTM
● Data and application security
● Mobility, access infrastructure/control
● WAN acceleration/optimization
● Compliance management
● Virtualization/cloud security

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