Technical Services

Extending its capabilities, capacity and coverage

Our Technical Services enable you to discover, develop and deliver opportunities that provide greater strategic insight, richer margin and longer-term customer engagements. Through our decades of experience and the unique in-house skillsets of our engineers and support desks, we expand your capabilities in developing comprehensive solutions for end customers worldwide.

With global resources, including nearly 400 engineers with over 2,500 certifications and 10 network/security operations centers, we are able to help solution providers extend their global opportunities. We offer a complete set of services to fulfill multi-vendor, multi-technology projects and can white label many of our services on your behalf, so your customers see you and only you as their trusted resource and partner.

Our services:

We are here to fill in any gaps you may have in your business and to support your success. Consider us an extension of your business’s ability to take advantage of more opportunities and deliver on greater revenue. Without any of the hassle.

Support Services

Unique technical support capabilities that enable solution providers to deliver proactive support and monitoring capabilities across multiple vendors and multiple technologies.

Professional Services

Complement your in-house skills and scope with a complete set of services to fulfill multi-vendor, multi-technology deployments, including analytical, advanced technical and engineering support.

Education Services

A comprehensive range of technical training programs, both certified and non-certified, that extend your knowledge base and expand your capabilities.

Supply Chain Services

Offload system setup, testing, and basic and advanced configurations for installations, instantly freeing up your staff to concentrate on more profitable work. Our integration options are available in 26 logistics and stocking centers serving more than 180 countries.

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